Incentives & Rebates

Effective March 16, 2020:

Until further notice, due to COVID-19 and limited office staff, all rebates received after March 16th, will be credited to accounts.

Advanced Smart Thermostat

Making the switch to an Advanced Smart Thermostat gives you more control over your home's heating and cooling functions and can help you manage and reduce your energy consumption and costs.

Electric Vehicle

Take advantage of the many benefits an electric vehicle (EV) provides such as fuel efficiency, zero emissions, affordability and the convenience of charging at home.

Energy Star Appliances

Upgrading to energy efficient clothes washers and dryers, can save you more money over time.

Gold Star New Home Program

To support residential new construction in the Northwest, Inland Power is excited to offer the opportunity to connect you, our member, with Gold Star home builders who are committed to building high-efficiency homes.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the most energy efficient electric heating available today.

Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters are the most efficient water heating option, reducing energy waste and hot water costs by up to 60%.


Inland Power has rebates to make the weatherization process more affordable.

Northwest Energy Efficient Manufactured (NEEM) Homes

This program is designed to encourage members to purchase energy efficient homes.

Window & Door Replacement

One of the best ways to improve on energy efficiency in a home is to replace old leaky windows.

Frequently Asked Questions about Energy Efficiency