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As an Inland Power member, you have a unique opportunity to support the Inland Power Community Foundation, a program that provides financial support to organizations and individuals within the 13 counties served by Inland Power. The concept of the foundation is an extension of the principle on which electric cooperatives were built more than 50 years ago – neighbors helping neighbors to benefit the communities in which we work and live.


Small change that changes lives, is the bedrock that the Inland Power Community Foundation is built upon. This program gathers voluntary contributions from Inland Power members who give a one-time donation or have authorized the Cooperative to add an additional amount to their monthly electric bill. Whether it is a few cents a month or $20, this small contribution can make a huge impact.


The amount “rounded up” on each participating member’s bill averages a total of $6 a year or 50 cents a month (maximum of $11.88 per year) – a small amount to help worthy causes in our community. The monthly bill statement shows how much is being donated to Inland Power Community Foundation each month. The amount donated is tax deductible as tax laws permit.


The Inland Power Community Foundation was started to generate and collect charitable donations to improve the quality of life for our community through individual, family and nonprofit organization donations. How are Inland Power Community Foundation funds distributed? Individuals and organizations can request funding by filling out the grant applications below. It's important to note that the committee meets once per quarter. Please keep that in mind when submitting your applications.

Applications will be reviewed by the foundation board comprised of Inland Power members. The primary purpose of the Inland Power Community Foundation is to address charitable needs and provide financial assistance anywhere in the 13 counties served by Inland Power. We will keep you updated on where the funds are going through the Light Reading newsletter and online.



You can sign up to donate to the Inland Power Community Foundation by: Checking one of the Inland Power Community Foundation boxes on your bill and sending back to Inland Power, email Inland Power, or call Inland Power at (509) 789-4277 or (800) 747-7151.








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