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At Inland Power & Light, we strive to maintain high quality, reliable energy. However, there are circumstances beyond our reasonable control, such as storms, flood and equipment failure, which can cause a power outage to occur. When interruptions of electrical service do occur, we will make every effort to restore your power as quickly as possible.


  • Stay 50 feet away from downed power lines and broken utility poles. Do not attempt to remove trees or branches that may be in or near power lines!

  • Check the fuses or breakers in your main electric panel.

  • Notify Inland Power immediately!

  • If a family member is on a life support system, have previous arrangement made for possible transport to a location where their needs can be met.


  • Cell Phone

  • Flashlight with fresh batteries

  • Blankets and warm clothing

  • Portable radio with fresh batteries

  • Who is responsible for calling in the locates?
    Inland will call in locates when we are installing poles and when it is necessary to expose our underground line in order to install an additional piece of equipment. All other locates are the responsibility of the person excavating the property. If you have a contractor digging your ditch, they will be responsible for calling in the locate. To get a locate, phone 811 or 800-424-5555 in Washington and 800-626-4950 in Idaho or the phone number listed in the front of the phone book for your service area. To submit a request through the internet go to This is a free service to homeowners.
  • How long would it take to get electricty to my property?
    Generally you can meet with an engineer within 5-15 working days from the time the application for new service has been received by our office. At that time, depending on the size and detail of the request, a written line extension charge is usually provided 5-10 working days after meeting with the engineer. If the extension is in excess of 1,000 feet, a line relocate or a 3-phase service request, then more time is necessary to provide a cost. Once the fees are paid along with any easements and/or permits noted on the line extension charge, the job will be released for construction. You will need to coordinate the installation of your electrical service with the Operations department. The process can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the detail of the request.
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