Once a power outage is reported, Inland Power & Light works hard to restore your power. Below you will see each of the steps involved in getting your power back on. Click to enlarge.


When electricity goes out, most of us expect power will be restored within a few hours. But when a major storm causes widespread damage, longer outages may result. Co-op line crews work long, hard hours to restore service safely to the greatest number of consumers in the shortest time possible. Here’s what’s going on if you find yourself in the dark.

Frequently asked questions

How do you decide whose power to restore first?

The outage restoration process begins at the point where electricity feeds into Inland Power’s system. This could be at a substation, transmission line or a main distribution line. After these repairs have been made, crews work on remaining outages, beginning with areas serving the greatest number of members and continuing until electricity is restored to all members.

Why would an Inland Power crew pass by without restoring the power at my house or neighborhood?

If you see an Inland Power crew passing by your house or neighborhood without stopping, it may be because work must first be performed at a nearby location before electric service can be restored to you and your neighbors. Following the outage restoration process ensures all customers have their power restored as quickly and safely as possible.

Why does my neighbor have power and I do not?

It depends upon the cause of the outage. Remember to make sure your power is not out because of an electrical problem inside your home, such as a tripped breaker. If an electrical problem within your home is not the cause and your neighbor has electricity and you do not, more than likely, they receive their electricity from a different power line or are located on a different circuit than the circuit your home is on. You may also be part of an individual outage. It is important that you report your outage to Inland Power at 1-877-668-8243 to ensure that we know that your power is out.

Why can’t you tell me how long it will take to restore my power?

Typically, the best source for an estimate of power restoration time is the service crew, and during an outage, they are working to locate faults and restore power, and they don’t always have the time or ability (due to safety reasons) to phone our dispatch team. As a result, during storm-related outages, restoration information may not be immediately available or may be hard to determine with accuracy. Our dispatch team will try take information from the crews to estimate a time of restoration for all outages. This information will be based on past experience and will be updated as more information becomes available. To view specific details of each reported Inland Power outage, select a color-coded icon on the Outage Center map.