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Inland Power takes a lot of pride in being able to offer reliable electricity at affordable rates. Periodically we find that we need to make special efforts to protect what our friends and neighbors worked so hard to build and maintain over 85 years ago. Working together is a critical component of why Cooperatives are successful and you, as a member-owner of Inland Power, can help us to protect your interests – all of our interests – in the legislative process.

We invite you to join our Grassroots Action Team so, if needed, you can help us contact legislators who make the decisions about critical issues impacting Inland Power and other electric cooperatives in our state, region and nation. By signing up today you can:

  • Help utilities keep rates affordable

  • Help protect our power supply in the Northwest

  • Help provide us with the ability to keep you up to date on imminent issues affecting your utility like the threat to hydropower.


Join our Voices for Cooperative Power effort!

In an effort to maximize our impact, Inland Power has partnered with Voices for Cooperative Power (VCP). VCP is a network of electric co-op members working together to influence elected officials who are making energy policy decisions that impact our co-ops and, by extension, our way of life.

Click here to sign up, or scan our QR code and stay up-to-date on the latest issues facing your cooperative and the electric industry! Your voice can make a difference!


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