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Energy conservation is good for all of us. No matter where you live — a house, apartment, manufactured home — there are many steps you can take to cut down your energy consumption.

At Inland Power, we are excited to offer rebates and incentives to members who choose to replace amenities around the house with energy efficient solutions. This includes a newly-launched electric vehicle incentive. 

Check out are current rebates by clicking below. Click here to chat with our energy services team. 

Image of two utility workers on power pole

Every year, members pay unexpectedly high bills for something so easy to do; forgetting to unplug small heaters. There is a simple solution -- temperature sensing plugs. Inland Power is offering two FREE temperature sensing plugs to all members. This device shuts off energy wasting heat devices such as small heaters, defrost wires, engine heaters, pet warmers, well heaters, animal water and grow lamps. The sensing plug turns connected devices on when the temperature drops below 39 degrees. As the temperature rises back above 39, it stops the flow of electricity eliminating wasted energy and saving you money!

Upgrade your smart thermostat for FREE!

We are giving away smart thermostats to all Inland Power members with electrically-heated homes! Limit one claim per home. Click here to claim your FREE thermostat!

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