Appliance Recycling

Due to time, cost, and government red tape involved in properly removing coolant from an old refrigerator or freezer, many companies are unable to offer the service. However, the companies listed below might be able to help:

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Spokane Recycling Companies

City of Spokane

The Waste to Energy Facility and Transfer Stations will accept refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances at the regular garbage rate. The appliances are recycled for their metal content. For more information call or visit their website.

(509) 625-6580

Earthworks Recycling

Earthworks recycling takes working and non-working refrigerators or freezers at a cost of $0.10 per pound with a $20 minimum. For an extra fee they will schedule a pick-up. Call or visit the website for details.

(509) 534-1638

Spokane Appliance Recycling

Will pickup, haul away, and recycle your unwanted appliances in Spokane & Spokane Valley for a nominal service fee. Refrigerators and freezers not accepted. Call or visit the website for details.

(509) 570-2612

Spokane County

Any of the three Spokane County Landfill transfer stations will accept refrigerators and freezers for recycling. The charge to do so is determined by the weight of the appliance. Call or visit the website for details.

(509) 477-6800

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