Billing Options

  • Alerts & Reminders

    Alerts & Reminders

    Alerts and reminders set up in SmartHub can be used to help monitor your account activity.

  • Billing Options

    Billing Options

    Receiving and paying your monthly electric bill online is a convenient and easy way to save time and money.

  • Cycles and Due Dates

    Cycles and Due Dates

    Inland Power has four billing cycles per month. The due dates are the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th.

  • Deposits & Fees

    Deposits and Fees

    Deposits and fees will be applied to your account for various reasons. Outlined on this page are each reason you may see a fee or deposit on your account.

  • Moving


    Please contact our office when you are moving. We will need some information to ensure you are billed correctly.

  • Payment Options & Stations

    Payment Options & Stations

    There are multiple ways to make a payment. You can make a payment online, over the phone, by mail or in person at any one of our payment stations.

  • Receiving & Reading Your Bill

    Receiving & Reading Your Bill

    You can receive your monthly billing statement from Inland Power by mail, email or online. We've also provided a quick guide of how to read your power bill.

  • Why is My Bill So High?

    Why is My Bill So High?

    Your bill may be high for a variety of reasons. Check out the most common reasons your bill may be high before you give Inland Power a call.

  • Your Online Account

    Your Online Account

    Inland Power has a brand new online tool that members can use to access online billing, account information, alerts, average usage etc. Sign up now!

Paperless E-Billing

Receiving and paying your monthly electric bill online is a convenient and easy way to save time and money. You can also significantly reduce waste by not receiving a paper bill and paying with a check each month.

Saves Money

You’ll save the cost of postage and checks. If you normally pay in person, you’ll save on fuel. If you need a copy of your bill for your records, you can easily print one at any time.

Reduces Waste

Without sending checks or envelopes, you’re keeping extra trash out of the landfill.


You can spend your time doing the things you enjoy, instead of spending time writing checks.


There’s no charge to participate.

Signing Up

To sign up for eBill you’ll need to have an online account. Once you have an account you can login and the first login attempts will ask you if you would like paperless billing. Click yes if you would like to be enrolled. If you are not a new user you can go to My Profile -> My Information -> Update My Printed Bill Settings to sign up.


Our budget billing program takes the bite out of fluctuating seasonal bills by giving you the opportunity to pay the same amount each month. Budget billing averages your estimated annual electric bill into equal monthly payments, and helps smooth out the seasonal highs and lows of energy use.

Sign Up

To sign up for budget billing you’ll need to contact our member service representatives by sending an email to or calling (509) 789-4277 to sign up.

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Billing Options for Your Convenience

Inland Power and Light offers a number of special billing options designed to make paying your bill as easy as possible. Click here to set up an online account or give us a call at (509) 789-4277.

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