Review the Inland Power guide below to understand how to read your bill. We have also provided a sample residential bill and a sample invoice bill to help you follow along with the guide provided. Click on one of the images below to enlarge.


How do I calculate my bill?

You can calculate your bill by subtracting your prior read from your current read and multiply that by your meter multiplier shown on your bill (the most common is 10). That figure equals your total kWh used. Then multiply the kWh used with our rate of $0.0634 and add the facilities charge of $19.23 to arrive at your current amount billed. Currently, Inland Power reads your meter on the due date of your monthly billing cycle.

What is the service availability charge for?

Our service availability charge is designed to cover a portion of the fixed costs of getting electricity to your home. This includes the cost of the poles, conductor, transformers and substations needed to make electricity available to you.