Inland Power Board of Trustees

  • Annual Meeting

    Annual Meeting

    Every March Inland Power holds an annual meeting of its members. Please join us to learn more about your cooperative and to vote on your board of trustees.

  • Bylaws


    Inland Power works hard to serve all members of the cooperative and their elected trustees. That is why there are bylaws to highlight the obligations and qualifications for a successful cooperative.

  • Inland Power Board of Trustees

    Inland Power Board of Trustees

    Inland Power is managed under the direction of a board of trustees. This board determines policy and direction that allow management to carry out the day to day business and operations.

The Board

The business and affairs of Inland Power & Light are managed under the direction of a board of trustees. Generally, this board determines policy and direction that allow management to carry out the day to day business and operations. Inland’s board is comprised of nine trustees, seven of which represent a specific geographical district and two that represent the cooperative at large.

From Left to Right: James Kroll, District 6 – Colfax, WA; Garry Rosman, District 3 – Board Secretary – Davenport, WA; David Shill, District 4 – Spokane Valley, WA; Gale Rettkowski, District 5 – Wilbur, WA; Gerald Davis, At-Large Position B – Pullman, WA; Danny Lee, District 1 – Nine Mile Falls, WA; Richard Ziehnert, District 2 – Board Treasurer, Elk, WA; Brian Slaybaugh, District 7 – Board Vice President, Pomeroy, WA; Kristina Bahr, At-Large Position A – Board President, Spokane Valley, WA

The Board of Trustees meet once a month, but additional attendance at meetings or conferences may also be needed to deal with special issues. Trustees spend an average of 25 days a year serving the cooperative.

District 1: Danny Lee
Nine Mile Falls, Washington

District 2: Dick Ziehnert, Treasurer
Elk, Washington

District 3: Garry Rosman, Secretary
Davenport, Washington

District 4: David Shill
Spokane, Washington

District 5: Gale Rettkowski
Wilbur, Washington

District 6: Jim Kroll
Colfax, Washington

District 7: Brian Slaybaugh, Vice President
Pomeroy, Washington

At-Large Position A: Kristina Bahr, President
Spokane Valley, Washington

At-Large Position B: Gerald Davis
Pullman, Washington

The Districts


As per qualifications required by the bylaws, trustees must reside within and be an actual user of Inland Power & Light electric service in the district for which he/she is elected. Members who are employed by or have a financial interest in a competing enterprise or a business selling electric energy, supplies or services to the cooperative are not eligible to apply. Members who hold an elective public office in connection with which a salary is paid are also not eligible to apply.

For those wishing to apply for a board position currently up for election, please submit the following: A resume detailing your education and experience qualifying you as a viable candidate/and a brief synopsis on:

Why you would like to serve on the board?

What special qualities you possess that would add to the board?

What you would hope to accomplish for the members if you were elected?

This information is due to our office by January 6, 2017. The board will appoint a nominating committee during the beginning of the year that will review and select applicants seeking nomination to run for the board. The names and phone numbers of interested members received by January 6 or following business day will be forwarded to this committee as they have the responsibility to nominate possible candidates according to our bylaws. Balloting will be held following speeches from the candidates at our annual meeting. Inland’s annual meetings are generally held on the 3rd or 4th Saturday of March.

Length of Terms: At each annual meeting of the members, one trustee will be elected by ballot to fill each expiring term to serve for three (3) years. Candidates for at-large positions can be from any district, but both at-large trustees cannot be from the same district.

2017: Trustees in districts 4, 7 and At-Large Position B will be elected at the 2017 annual meeting and every three years thereafter.

2018: Trustees in districts 1, 3 and 5 will be elected at the 2018 annual meeting and every three years thereafter.

2019: Trustees in districts 2, 6 and At-Large Position A will be elected at the 2019 annual meeting and every three years thereafter.