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  • Are you licensed, bonded, and insured as an electrician and/or solar installer in the state?

  • How many solar PV systems has your team installed? Any in Spokane County?

  • What different size systems can I fit on my roof?

  • What brands of solar modules and inverters will you be using on my system? What are their warranties? If the components are manufactured in the State of Washington, does that increase any incentives the State may offer?

  • Are your components UL listed? (Required for electrical inspection and utility interconnection).

  • Can you show me some systems that you have installed, and/or share some references?

  • Do you finance solar projects? If not, what are my upfront costs?

  • How much energy will I generate and what does my return on investment look like?

  • What is my Total Solar Resource Fraction (TSRF)? (You’ll want it to be 75% or higher!)

  • What is my estimated solar production by month (not just annual production)?

  • Is my roof in good enough shape to last for the life of the solar PV system (25-30 years+)? Do I need to re-roof beforehand?

  • Will you help me understand and secure any available financial rebates, production credits, or tax incentives whether local, State or Federal?

  • Will you take care of all the paperwork that my utility requires to become a net-metered customer, as well as coordinate the job with them?

  • Will you also take care of any city, county or stat permits that are necessary?

  • What are additional expenses over the life of the system? Will I need to replace any components? Do you cover that?

  • If there is a problem with the system, who do I contact?

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