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Empower your future. Inland Power is looking for the best and brightest talent. Join a dynamic and fast-paced team committed to safe, reliable service at great rates.

SALARY RANGE: $133,376 - $166,720


HOURS: FULL-TIME, 4 - 10s, MONDAY - THURSDAY - 7:00 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M.







The vegetation & utility inspection manager (manager) will oversee and direct the activities of Inland Power & Light’s vegetation management and inspection programs, including right-of-way, raptor program, pole inspection, and line Inspection programs and personnel. The manager will be responsible for developing right-of-way and line inspection work plans to minimize risk for the cooperative. Establish productivity objectives; propose, bid, review and approve right-of-way and line inspection contractor invoices. Direct, manage and prioritize the activities of the department. The manager will be responsible for assessing adherence to the right-of-way and line Inspection procedures and objectives as set by the organization.


Manages the vegetation management and line inspection personnel, functions, and activities.


  1. Quality Work:  Produce thorough, high-quality work with minimal errors.  Seek feedback, make corrections as needed.  Identify problems and solve them.  Strive to improve processes.  Work collaboratively with co-workers to implement systematic changes.

  2. Productivity:  Complete assigned work in a timely fashion.  Utilize slow periods productively.  Produce amount and volume at expected speed.

  3. Technical Skills/Job Knowledge:  Demonstrate appropriate level of understanding of technical skills in area of expertise, technology, products, and/or processes involved.  Duly perform assigned duties.  Keep current on changes and be competent with all technology necessary to perform job.

  4. Communication: Clearly convey oral and written communication.  Keep others informed of activities and problems in timely manner.  Listen well; respond appropriately and respectfully.

  5. Teamwork/Ability to Work with Others: Demonstrate ability to work in a positive manner with co-workers and/or members with differing backgrounds, opinions, capabilities, etc.  Willingly share skills, competencies, and knowledge with others.  Establish and maintain strong, effective working relationships.  Contribute effectively to group efforts.  Promote harmony; agree to disagree without damaging relationships.

  6. Accountability:  Maintain excellent attendance and provide additional assistance after normal working hours when needed.  Be reliable, prepared and accept responsibility for work and actions.

  7. Integrity:  Demonstrate honesty, high ethical standards, and respect for all co-workers and membership.

  8. Professionalism:  Address internal and external members with courtesy and respect.  Dress in work attire appropriate to the position.  Communicate business information in a timely fashion, using means of communication appropriate to the situation.

  9. Support of Cooperative Goals:  Support Cooperative goals and adhere to all policies and procedures.  Contribute effectively in support of the Cooperative.

  10. Problem-Solving:  Use sound logic and methodology to solve problems.  Explore multiple sources for answers, as required.  Be able to identify hidden problems and propose solutions.


  1. Drive Results:  Make appropriate decisions and act.  Take risk and encourage others to take risk.  Support others’ decisions.  Exercise sound judgment.  Motivate team members to high levels of performance.

  2.  Set Example:  Be looked to by others as role model.  Mirror Inland values, goals, policies and work requirements by example.  Be visible, with positive presence.  Model collaboration. 

  3.  Provide Vision and Direction:  Inspire a shared vision.  Set direction that translates the Cooperative vision into actionable plans.  Create enthusiasm about the Cooperative’s future.

  4.  Effectively Manage Resources:  Use resources effectively and efficiently to accomplish Cooperative goals.  Establish reasonable budgets and manage expenses within constraints.  Act as change agent to pursue innovative ways to do things better.

  5.  Develop Self and Others:  Demonstrate personal growth and learning.  Encourage continuous growth and learning in others.  Acknowledge and learn from mistakes.  Set clear performance expectations in advance.  Share timely and direct performance feedback.

  6.  Value People:  Show respect for others and their ideas.  Encourage others’ involvement in making things better.  Allow flexibility in how work is accomplished.  Consider others’ needs when making decisions.


  1. Participates in the development, evaluation, and implementation of the cooperative’s vegetation management and line inspection program to manage and reduce risk for the cooperative. Manages, supervises, delegates to, reviews and empowers departmental staff to meet the strategic objectives of the cooperative.

  2. Manages vegetation compliance within Inland Power & Light’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan.

  3. Ensures compliance with all Federal and State legislation requirements as it relates to vegetation management and utility line inspections.

  4. Oversees and coordinates Joint-Use attachment audits to ensure compliance with NESC standards and cooperative billing criteria.

  5. Assists in the development and implementation of creating new concepts, processes, and ideas to enhance the vegetation and line inspection programs. Keep abreast of the latest technology and best practices such as drones, satellite imagery, etc. to increase reliability, prioritizes identified maintenance to help reduce outages and overtime for the cooperative.

  6. Solicit request for proposals, on an annual basis, for vegetation right-of-way clearing and mowing contractors. Work closely with the vegetation management foreman to make a contractor selection.

  7. Organizes and directs the activities of contractor resources and work orders related to right-of-way clearing activities for the vegetation cycle program.

  8. Provides oversight to vegetation management and line inspection foremen.

  9. Manages and documents maintenance data from vegetation and line inspection programs. Set priorities of maintenance program with a goal of reducing overtime and outage minutes.

  10. May participate in public hearings, legal proceedings or similar, as the subject matter expert in regard to the reducing wildfire risk for the cooperative.

  11. Participates on and offers expertise on COO’s management team.

  12. Communicates with peers, exchanging ideas or gathering information on overall program plans and goals within a specific functional area of operations.  (i.e., Maintenance Backlog)

  13. Contributes to the development of budget forecasts and the development of business cases and strategic initiatives.

  14. All other duties and projects as assigned



  1. Bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent experience.

  2. 7 years of job-related experience with 4 years’ experience in a leadership position preferred.

  3. Strong knowledge of electric transmission and distribution systems.

  4. Strong project/program management skills.

Knowledge and Skills:

  1. Must have knowledge and skills to coordinate the operations of a vegetation management and line inspection program.

  2. Must have a thorough knowledge of electrical operations and construction of a rural distribution cooperative to include transmission, substation, and distribution lines.

  3. Must have proven leadership and project management skills. Organizational skills; including attention to detail and accuracy.

  4. Must have a thorough knowledge of Cooperative safety rules.

  5. Ability to make sound decisions under pressure.

  6. Knowledge of work management/workflow principles.

  7. Competency in Microsoft Office software applications (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint & Outlook) and the ability to learn other software applications.

  8. Must have considerable skill in effectively dealing with a variety of people under difficult circumstances.

  9. Must have excellent phone etiquette and should be able to effectively handle and transmit information over the phone, or email.

  10. Vast knowledge in staking sheets, work orders, service orders, mapping, tagging, and other departmental processes.


Mental Demands/Working Conditions:

  1. Ability to work independently with minimal guidance and supervision.

  2. Ability to manage diverse work functions while balancing and adjusting priorities in accordance with changing requirements.

  3. Ability to respond quickly and effectively to a rapidly changing work environment.

  4. Ability to understand personal and departmental role in the bigger organization picture, and to respond as an effective team member.

  5. Ability to work under pressure.


If your credentials and interest match this job, please send your completed application, cover letter and resume to: or mail them to, Inland Power & Light Company, 10110 W. Hallett Rd., Spokane WA 99224-7435, Attn: Human Resources.


Inland Power and Light is committed to equal employment opportunity for all. Just as our commitment to quality motivates us to go the extra mile, we cooperate with the civil rights agencies in government in an effort to ensure equal opportunity in employment through an Affirmative Action Plan. To assure full implementation of this equal employment policy, we will take steps to assure that persons are recruited, hired, assigned and promoted without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran’s status, age, disability or any other classification protected by nondiscrimination law.


Inland Power will make reasonable accommodation to assist a qualified person with a disability in the job application, interview process and to perform the essential functions of the job whenever possible. Please contact the HR department at Inland Power if you would like assistance.


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