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  • Appliance Recycling

    Appliance Recycling

  • Capital Credits

    Capital Credits

    Inland Power issues capital credits based on how much you paid the co-op for electricity. The more power you've purchased and the longer you’ve been a member, the larger your refund will be.

  • Conservation Tips

    Conservation Tips & Tricks

    Energy conservation is the best long-term solution to reducing your electric bill. We provide great solutions and resources to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible.

  • Energy Assistance Programs

    Energy Assistance Programs

    During difficult times, it’s good to know that there are people you can count on. Just a little bit goes a long way to helping those in need. Project Share and local energy assistance are just two of the ways you can keep yourself, your family and your house comfortable during those hard times.

  • Green Power Plus

    Green Power Plus

    We are pleased to offer the opportunity to participate in a renewable energy program. As part of our commitment to our members, Inland Power & Light offers our Green Power Plus renewable energy program.

  • Home Safety

    Home Safety

    One of our most important roles in the community is to educate our members and neighbors about the potential dangers electricity poses and what to do in order to stay safe around electric power.

  • Incentives & Rebates

    Incentives & Rebates

    Inland Power & Light offers incentives and rebates to all members of our cooperative who choose to participate in replacing lighting, appliances, or other amenities around the house with energy efficient solutions.

  • Mobile App and SmartHub

    SmartHub Website and Mobile App

    Download the free Inland Power SmartHub App through Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store to have anytime access to your account.

  • Net Metering

    Net Metering

    Inland Power supports our member’s interest in supplying their own electricity needs through the use of qualifying renewable energy sources.

  • Residential Rates

    Residential Rates

    Want to know your rates as a member of Inland Power & Light's Cooperative? Click here for a detailed breakdown of the current 2016 rates and charges.

  • Your New Meter

    Your New Meter

    Inland Power & Light recently installed new meters that work to lower operating costs, improve power restoration, improve reliability and improve accuracy.

Inland Power Has Upgraded our Electric System

Inland Power is pleased to announce that we have upgraded our system to digital meters. We invested in this new technology to help us operate more efficiently, improve service reliability and to better serve you.

Benefits Include:

Lower Operating Costs: Members will no longer have to read their own meters and report readings to Inland Power and we will no longer have to be on your property to read your meter;

Improved Power Restoration: Pinpoint the exact location of outages more quickly, meaning a faster response time; often times we will know the power is out before you do;

Improved Reliability: Power quality diagnostics help us determine the source of outages, indications of future problems and validation that power is restored after any outage;

Improved Accuracy: Members will have access to more energy information, 24 hours a day, to help reduce their usage, conserve energy and save money.

How It Works

Inland Power partnered with Tantalus to bring this service to you. Tantalus is a communications system that involves two parts. The first part allows Inland Power to have communications from the Spokane office to a tower/collector. The second part provides a communication link from the electric meter to the tower/collector. These two parts work together to provide a signal path which sends meter readings to Inland Power headquarters within seconds.

This new system communicates through an RF signal path. Included below is a comparison of everyday items that carry an RF signal compared to the Tantalus digital meter system Inland Power is implementing.

Frequently Asked Questions