Digital Meters

How Does Your Digital Meter Work?

Inland Power is pleased to offer its members digital meters. We invested in this technology to help us operate more efficiently, improve service reliability and to better serve you.

Benefits Include:

Lower Operating Costs: Members no longer have to read their own meters and report readings to Inland Power and we no longer have to be on your property to read your meter;

Improved Power Restoration: Pinpoint the exact location of outages more quickly, meaning a faster response time; often times we will know the power is out before you do;

Improved Reliability: Power quality diagnostics help us determine the source of outages, indications of future problems and validation that power is restored after any outage;

Improved Accuracy: Members will have access to more energy information, 24 hours a day, to help reduce their usage, conserve energy and save money.

How It Works

Inland Power partnered with Tantalus to bring this service to you. Tantalus is a communications system that involves two parts. The first part allows Inland Power to have communications from the Spokane office to a tower/collector. The second part provides a communication link from the electric meter to the tower/collector. These two parts work together to provide a signal path which sends meter readings to Inland Power headquarters within seconds.

This system communicates through an RF signal path. Included above is a comparison of everyday items that carry an RF signal compared to the Tantalus digital meter system Inland Power implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions