Proper Weatherization

Weatherization isn’t something to think about only in the winter months. Weatherization is a great way to weatherproof your home with various upgrades to prevent energy loss. From the cooling benefits of the air-conditioner to the coziness of the heating system, making sure your home is geared for maximum efficiency, ensures maximum comfort and less stress on the budget all year.

Weatherization has two major steps: sealing and insulating. Sealing your home will keep the outside elements out and your inside air (your hard earned money) inside. Insulating adds an extra layer of protection slowing down the dissipation of the heated or cooled air. These two steps can increase the efficiency of your home.

An energy efficient home not only keeps your comfort levels ideal but can also save money (aka lower utility bills). Inland Power has incentives, provided by BPA, which can make the weatherization process more affordable. If interested in this program, call Inland Power’s Energy Services Representatives at 509.789.1801. We would love to offer information or even a complimentary energy audit to help you achieve true energy efficiency and home comforts.

Below is a listing of professionals your neighbors have used however, Inland Power cannot recommend any one company. As part of your due diligence, make sure to get more than one estimate and ask about warranty details. 

Intermountain West Insulation

Jongeward Construction and Development

Washington Insulation Services

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