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SALARY RANGE: $121,448 - $151,810


HOURS: 4 - 10s  - MONDAY - THURSDAY - 7:00 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M. 







The operations manager supervises the construction and maintenance of the distribution facilities of the cooperative in conformity with established standards; developing and promoting the required adherence to all established safety rules, regulations, and practices; and using opportunities to develop member support, understanding and acceptance of the operations department activities as they pertain to membership.


1. Quality Work: Produce thorough, high-quality work with minimal errors. Seek feedback, make corrections as needed. Identify problems and solve them. Strive to improve processes. Work collaboratively with all departments and co-workers to implement systematic changes.

2. Productivity: Complete assigned work in a timely fashion. Utilize slow periods productively. Produce amount and volume at expected speed.

3. Technical Skills/Job Knowledge: Demonstrate high level of understanding of technical skills in area of expertise, technology, products and/or processes involved. Duly perform assigned duties. Keep current on changes and be competent with all technology necessary to perform job.

4. Communication: Clearly convey oral and written communication. Keep others informed of activities and problems in timely manner. Listen well; respond appropriately and respectfully.

5. Teamwork/Ability to Work with Others: Demonstrate ability to work in a positive manner with co-workers and/or members with differing backgrounds, opinions, capabilities, etc. Willingly share skills, competencies, and knowledge with others. Establish and maintain strong, effective working relationships. Contribute effectively to group efforts. Promote harmony; agree to disagree without damaging relationships.

6. Accountability: Maintain excellent attendance and provide additional assistance after normal working hours when needed. Be reliable, prepared and accept responsibility for work and actions.

7. Integrity: Demonstrate honesty, high ethical standards, and respect for all co-workers, board of trustees and membership.

8. Professionalism: Address internal and external members with courtesy and respect. Dress in work attire appropriate to the position. Communicate business information in a timely fashion, using means of communication appropriate to the situation.

9. Support of Cooperative Goals: Support cooperative goals and adhere to all policies and procedures. Contribute effectively in support of the cooperative.

10. Problem-Solving: Use sound logic and methodology to solve problems. Explore multiple sources for answers, as required. Be able to identify hidden problems and propose solutions.


  1. Drive Results:  Make appropriate decisions and act.  Take risk and encourage others to take risk.  Support others’ decisions.  Exercise sound judgment.  Motivate team members to high levels of performance.

  2. Set Example:  Be looked to by others as role model.  Mirror Inland values, goals, policies and work requirements by example.  Be visible, with positive presence.  Model collaboration. 

  3. Provide Vision and Direction:  Inspire a shared vision.  Set direction that translates the Cooperative vision into actionable plans.  Create enthusiasm about the Cooperative’s future.

  4. Effectively Manage Resources:  Use resources effectively and efficiently to accomplish Cooperative goals.  Establish reasonable budgets, and manage expenses within constraints.  Act as change agent to pursue innovative ways to do things better.

  5. Develop Self and Others:  Demonstrate personal growth and learning.  Encourage continuous growth and learning in others.  Acknowledge and learn from mistakes.  Set clear performance expectations in advance.  Share timely and direct performance feedback.

  6. Value People:  Show respect for others and their ideas.  Encourage others’ involvement in making things better.  Allow flexibility in how work is accomplished.  Consider others’ needs when making decisions.


  1. Performs the objectives of the operations department by:

    • Stimulating a high standard of morale among the employees of the department by the creation and use of team spirit and enthusiasm throughout the department and by determining the employees’ attitudes on organization goals.

    • Helping develop long-range plans for the construction section in terms of programs, personnel, facilities, equipment, and supplies for construction, operations, maintenance, and service of the Inland Power system.

    • Participating in studies for the continuous improvement of construction, maintenance, service, safety and training activities of the operations department.

    • Helping develop and recommending annual budgetary requirements on an annual basis.

    • Reviewing periodically the functions and activities of the operations department in establishing the organization structure best suited to carry out the objectives of the department.

    • Developing recommendations on the purchase and replacement of equipment and establishing adequate maintenance and service schedules.

    • Overseeing and assuring the proper use and maintenance of equipment and tools assigned to the operations department.

    • Overseeing the warehouse, fleet and right-of-way personnel, functions and activities.

  2. Is responsible for the activities of the personnel in the department.

    • Interviews, selects, and appoints all personnel under his/her supervision.

    • Recommends to the chief operating officer personnel to be promoted, demoted, or terminated, and recommends wage and salary adjustments as necessary.

    • Appraises periodically the performance of personnel assigned to his/her supervision, counseling with employees as necessary.

    • Assures that all responsibilities are understood and accepted.

    • Assures that communications are adequate by:

      1. Encouraging suggestions, constructive criticisms, and expressions of viewpoints from employees.

      2. Keeping informed regarding policies and procedures and other matters concerning the Cooperative and passing this information on to the employees under his/her supervision.

      3. Expressing an interest in the problems and activities of the employees;

      4. Holding frequent meetings with the general foreman & foremen under his/her supervision to determine problems, attitudes and needs which exist within the craft personnel.

      5. Works within own section to ensure equal employment opportunities to all employees in the department.

      6. Makes frequent field checks on work in progress to assure adherence to established standards, codes, practices and safety requirements.

      7. Schedules and assigns work of those employees under his/her supervision.

      8. Approves daily time reports and approves all overtime of personnel assigned to his/her supervision.

      9. Advises and counsels personnel under his/her immediate supervision and makes necessary decisions.

      10. Submits reports to and reviews with the chief operating officer remedial or corrective action; and recommends training programs for personnel under his/her supervision to assure that they are trained to work effectively.

  3. Promotes adherence to established safety rules, regulations and standards by:

    • Keeping informed regarding OSHA and other safety standards and recommendations.

    • Participating in safety meeting and conducting safety sessions.

    • Personally observes the personnel to assure that they are adhering to safety rules and regulations.

    • Being able to direct and personally perform first aid and artificial respiration.

    • Investigating on-the-job accidents when assigned personnel are involved and reporting to the chief operating officer and person responsible for the accident reports and Workers’ Compensation.

  4. Keeps oneself informed in those areas that will benefit in the performance of the assigned responsibilities by:

    • Studying and reviewing cooperative procedures, bylaws, rates, etc., National Electric Safety Code, drawings and specifications and safety rules, OSHA regulations and other publications and reports.

    • Attending and participating in meetings and courses as directed or approved by the Chief Operating Officer.

  5. Provides consumer services in relation to operating functions:

    • Resolves consumer complaints referred to him/her regarding continuity of service, line changes, and right-of-way, referring those complaints he/she is unable to resolve to the Chief Operating Officer.

    • Develops procedures and practices for switching, energizing, and for taking outages including notification to affected consumers.

    • Ensures that contracts are made with all utilities for facility locations before crews are dispatched to the job sites.

    • Ensures that all locations are completed as requested by consumers or other utilities.

  6. Assists in supervision and dispatching during emergencies and is available for weekend supervisory requirements.

  7. Performs other jobs as assigned.


  1. Education/Experience:

    • High school diploma or its equivalent is required. Additional technical or trade school coursework in a journeyman lineman program or electrical engineering program equivalent to a two-year certificate is preferred.

    • Requires a minimum of seven (7) years’ experience working at an electric utility in an operations department position with four (4) years’ experience as a general foreman, foreman or crew leader preferred.

  2. Knowledge and Skills:

    • Requires knowledge of electric transmission and distribution system operation and maintenance.

    • Excellent interpersonal skills, including oral and written communication, oral presentations, the ability to build strong working relationships, and the ability to interact positively with employees at all levels within the organization and Inland members.

    • Excellent management skills, including the ability to effectively plan, organize, staff, direct, coordinate, and control departmental employees and work operations to attain established goals within resource constraints.

    • Strong leadership skills, including skill in motivating and inspiring employees, building cohesive teams, solving problems, and making sound decisions.

    • Skilled in development of human capital, including setting of individual performance objectives; coaching, guiding, training and motivating subordinates; development of subordinates’ professional skills and competencies; measuring job performance, including performance evaluation; and identifying areas of opportunity to include implementation of appropriate developmental corrective plans.

  3. Mental Demands/Working Conditions:

    • Ability to work independently with minimal guidance and supervision.

    • Ability to manage diverse work functions while balancing and adjusting priorities in accordance with changing requirements.

    • Ability to respond quickly and effectively to a rapidly changing work environment.

    • Ability to understand personal and departmental role in the bigger organization picture, and to respond as an effective team member.

    • Ability to work under pressure.

The operations manager shall have full authority to carry out these duties and responsibilities in conformity with established policies and procedures and shall utilize time in such a way as to fulfill the objectives of this position and the Cooperative.


If your credentials and interest match this job, please send your completed application, cover letter and resume to: hr@inlandpower.com or mail them to, Inland Power & Light Company, 10110 W. Hallett Rd., Spokane WA 99224-7435, Attn: Human Resources.


Inland Power and Light is committed to equal employment opportunity for all. Just as our commitment to quality motivates us to go the extra mile, we cooperate with the civil rights agencies in government in an effort to ensure equal opportunity in employment through an Affirmative Action Plan. To assure full implementation of this equal employment policy, we will take steps to assure that persons are recruited, hired, assigned and promoted without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran’s status, age, disability or any other classification protected by nondiscrimination law.


Inland Power will make reasonable accommodation to assist a qualified person with a disability in the job application, interview process and to perform the essential functions of the job whenever possible. Please contact the HR department at Inland Power if you would like assistance.


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