SNAP Brings Energy Conservation Lessons to Camp

From the SNAP Community Builder

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Introducing A New Discounted Early Capital Credit Retirement Program

Starting this year, Inland Power is introducing a new discounted early capital credits retirement program. In early September, Inland Power will be sending members a 2016 statement for capital credits members contributed during the year. Members who had active accounts in 2016 will now have the option to receive their 2016 capital credits early. For further details please visit our capital credit page.

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2017 Unclaimed Capital Credits

Inland Power is attempting to locate former members of the cooperative whose capital credit checks issued in 2017 remain unclaimed. Please visit our capital credit page to view a full list of returned checks. To claim a refund, please contact Breann at (509) 747-7151.

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Discover the Power of Northwest Dams.

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