The business and affairs of Inland Power & Light are managed under the direction of a board of trustees. Generally, this board determines policy and direction that allow management to carry out the day-to-day business and operations. Inland’s board is comprised of seven trustees, who represent a specific geographical district.

The Board of Trustees meet once a month, but additional attendance at meetings or conferences may also be needed to deal with special issues. Trustees spend an average of 25 days a year serving the cooperative.


Board Redistrict Map May 21.png


As per qualifications required by the bylaws, trustees must reside within and be an actual user of Inland Power & Light electric service in the district for which he/she is elected. Members who are employed by or have a financial interest in a competing enterprise or a business selling electric energy, supplies or services to the cooperative are not eligible to apply. Members who hold an elective public office in connection with which a salary is paid are also not eligible to apply.

Length of Terms: At each annual meeting of the members, one trustee will be elected by ballot to fill each expiring term to serve for three (3) years. Candidates for at-large positions can be from any district, but both at-large trustees cannot be from the same district.


2022: Trustees in districts 4 and 6 will be elected at the 2022 annual meeting and every three years thereafter.

2023: Trustees in districts 5 and 7 will be elected at the 2023 annual meeting and every three years thereafter.

2024: Trustees in districts 1, 2 and 3 will be elected at the 2024 annual meeting and every three years thereafter.


Gale Rettkowski
District 1
Wilbur, Washington
Chris Davis
District 3
Nine Mile Falls, Washington
Randy Suess
District 5
Board President
Cheney, Washington
Brian Slaybaugh
District 7
Pomeroy, Washington
Garry Rosman
District 2
Board Vice President
Davenport, Washington
Kristina Bahr
District 4
Board Treasurer
Spokane Valley, Washington
James Kroll
District 6
Board Secretary
Colfax, Washington
Jasen Bronec
Chief Executive Officer