Irrigator Safety

Safety Tips

Follow these safety tips to help decrease the number of incidents of aircraft vs. power lines during aerial application:

Be aware of how long a pilot is flying and self-assess from time to time

Pilots should familiarize themselves with the areas they are covering and assess all potential hazards

Span lengths between poles average 300’, though this distance can vary greatly

Wires between poles will sag several feet making them more difficult to judge

Pole heights are usually between 26’ to 30’

Pilots should be aware of line placement and hard to see poles

Irrigation Pipes and Electricity Do Not Mix

Follow these safety tips when working around irrigation equipment:

If irrigation equipment comes in contact with a power line, stay away…do not try to remove it yourself. Call our office immediately.

Position the water jet streams so that there is no chance of them spraying onto power lines.

Stay away from irrigation equipment and pipes during any lightning activity.

Avoid moving irrigation equipment on windy days when pipes and equipment could be blown into nearby power lines. Carry pipes and equipment horizontal to the ground rather than vertical to minimize the risk of contact with power lines.

Safety Information