Irrigation & Agriculture Incentives

Inland will accept claims for reimbursement for verified energy savings of energy efficiency upgrades to new or existing irrigation systems and water management measures. Download and fill out the "Rebate Form" below to see if you qualify.

VFD Requirements and Specifications

This measure applies to pumping operations that deliver, distribute or transport irrigation water with VFDs 500 hp or less (see custom project process for pumps exceeding 500 hp). Eligible installations include turbine pumps with substantial variation in flow rates (e.g., 20% or more) or discharge pressure requirements (e.g., 10% or more). New VFD installations must meet IEEE 519 standards.

Documentation Requirements:

Identification and location address

Pump Type (centrifugal or turbine)

Date of install

Application type (e.g., well or booster)

Operational hours per year

Pre-install billing history for two full seasons prior to install

Post-install billing history for one full season after install

Utility meter number

Pump TDH rating and flow rating (gpm)

Field elevation differences (as a percentage of total dynamic head)

Flow requirements changes (as a percentage of total flow rating)

Acres under irrigation system

Estimated site savings kWh

Name and version of VFD spreadsheet software or model used to estimate kWh savings

Estimated project cost and BPA credit/incentive

Inland shall reimburse $50 per installed HP.

Total Savings for Sprinkler Equipment

Sprinkler Equipment

Rebate Amount

Estimated Savings

1. New flow controlling type nozzle for impact sprinklers


27 kWh/yr

2a. Rebuilt or new impact sprinklers


27 kWh/yr

2b. New nozzle for impact sprinkler replacing existing worn nozzle of same flow rate or less

$1.50/nozzle *

37 kWh/yr

3. New rotating type sprinklers that replace impact sprinklers. (Entire pivot** must be upgraded. Flow may not be increased.)


24 kWh/yr

4. New gasket for wheel lines, hand lines or portable main line.


22 kWh/yr

5a. New low-pressure regulators. (Entire pivot** must be upgraded.)


37 kWh/yr

5b. New rotating type sprinklers that replace low-pressure sprinklers. (Entire pivot** must be upgraded. Flow may not be increased.)


24 kWh/yr

6. New multiple configuration nozzles for low-pressure pivot** sprinklers.


48 kWh/yr

7. New multi-trajectory sprays that replace impact sprinklers. (Entire pivot** must be upgraded. Flow may not be increased.)


36 kWh/yr

8. New multi-trajectory sprays that replace low pressure sprinklers. (Entire pivot** must be upgraded. Flow may not be increased.)



9. New drains for wheel lines, hand lines, or pivots**. (Entire line must be upgraded.)


22 kWh/yr

10. New hubs for wheel-lines. (Entire wheel line must be upgraded.)


63 kWh/yr

11. New "goose neck" elbow for new drop tubes (to convert existing sprinkler equipment mounted on top of the pivot to low-pressure sprinkler package).

$1.65/goose neck

7 kWh/yr

12. New drop tube for low-pressure pivot** sprinklers (min. 3 feet length).

$3.00/drop tube

7 kWh/yr

13. New center pivot base boot gasket.


1367 kWh/yr

14. Cut and pipe press repair of leaking hand lines, wheel lines and portable mainline.

$10.00/pipe section

44 kWh/yr

15. Rebuilt or new wheel-line leveler (self leveler which automatically keeps the sprinkler heads on an irrigation wheel-line in a steady upright position)


2 kWh/yr


* Rebate limited to no more than two units per sprinkled acre.

** Lateral moves also included.

Approval Process

All irrigation rebate requests must be pre-authorized by contacting the conservation department. Once approved, your rebate will be assigned a confirmation code which will reserve funding for a 90-day period.

Installation must be completed and required documentation must be received within this reserved time period to be eligible.

Answers to Rebate Questions