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Washington Clean Buildings Act to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

The Washington Clean Buildings Act (HB 1257) was signed into law in May 2019. This law establishes performance-based energy targets and reporting requirements for building owners of large commercial buildings.  The intent of this law is to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions for existing and new buildings over 50,000 square feet.

The Washington Department of Commerce will develop energy-use intensity (EUI) performance standards by November 2020. The law will offer a voluntary incentive program starting in 2021.  Beginning in 2026 the standard will be implemented as a mandatory requirement.

More details on the Clean Buildings Act, rule making process, key dates, and helpful resources, are available from the Department of Commerce, where you can also sign up for email updates.

Inland Power offers energy conservation incentives and rebates which can be combined with State incentives from this law. For more information about Inland Power efficiency programs, continue on this page for available incentives and rebates or email

Commercial HVAC

Efficient HVAC technologies provide a large, relatively untapped source of savings in the commercial sector. Inland offers a suite of HVAC rebates to support our members and their quest to use energy more efficiently.

Commercial Lighting

Old lamps and ballasts are being replaced with energy efficient lighting at a rapid pace. Do you qualify for an incentive?

Custom Projects

Do you have an energy efficient project that doesn't seem to fit anywhere? Check this out!

Other Commercial Offerings

Irrigation & Agriculture Incentives

Inland will accept claims for reimbursement for verified energy savings of energy efficiency upgrades to new or existing irrigation systems and water management measures.