Incentives & Rebates

Commercial HVAC

Efficient HVAC technologies provide a large, relatively untapped source of savings in the commercial sector. Inland offers a suite of HVAC rebates to support our members and their quest to use energy more efficiently.

Commercial Lighting

Old lamps and ballasts are being replaced with energy efficient lighting at a rapid pace. Do you qualify for an incentive?

Custom Projects

For other agricultural measures, Inland will credit/reimburse up to 15 cents/kWh not to exceed 40 percent of project cost.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

This measure applies to pumping operations that deliver, distribute or transport irrigation water with VFDs 500 hp or less.

Irrigation & Agriculture Incentives

Inland will accept claims for reimbursement for verified energy savings of energy efficiency upgrades to new or existing irrigation systems and water management measures.