Annual Meeting

  • Annual Meeting

    Annual Meeting

    Every March Inland Power holds an annual meeting of its members. Please join us to learn more about your cooperative and to vote on your board of trustees.

  • Bylaws


    Inland Power works hard to serve all members of the cooperative and their elected trustees. That is why there are bylaws to highlight the obligations and qualifications for a successful cooperative.

  • Inland Power Board of Trustees

    Inland Power Board of Trustees

    Inland Power is managed under the direction of a board of trustees. This board determines policy and direction that allow management to carry out the day to day business and operations.

2017 Annual Meeting

Highlights from the Annual Meeting

Nearly 500 people gathered on Saturday, March 25, for Inland Power’s 80th Annual Meeting. Inland’s CEO, Chad Jensen, provided a “State of the Cooperative” address and a celebration of our 80 year anniversary. If there was a theme for the 2017 annual meeting it was that we desired to honor Inland’s proud past, but also looked forward to a very exciting future.  

Aside from Inland Power's 80th anniversary, this was a historic day for Inland Power for another reason. Beginning with this year’s election, and as a result of bylaw changes passed at the 2016 meeting, your board candidates were elected by tallying up ballots that were collected by mail, electronically and in person at the meeting. This enabled our membership more ways to vote and participation in the election ensured our long tradition of democratic member control.

Chad also discussed that 2016 was not a year of the “status quo” but our willingness to explore new opportunities and try new things is part of what makes us a great cooperative. He gave a summary on a wide variety of new initiatives and occurrences currently happening at your cooperative.

- Reliability - Inland Power hit a new system peak of 253.1 MW of usage during our record cold spells and heavy snow loading earlier in the year. During this same period of record cold and energy usage, we experienced minimal outages. We have been working hard to build more resiliency into our system. While Inland is not immune from the perils of mother nature, we are much better prepared and have taken many positive steps to minimize all power outages.  

- Rates - At Inland, our single largest cost of doing business is our wholesale power costs from Bonneville. Over one half of our costs go towards power supply and we continue to incur rising power costs from BPA as our wholesale power supplier. Inland and the board review rates annually and determine if adjustments are needed to cover our costs. As a nonprofit electric utility, our goal is to set rates as close to our actual costs as possible while maintaining sufficient cash reserves for equipment maintenance, infrastructure improvements and unforeseen events. After reviewing the proposed budget and electric rates for 2017, your board determined no rate increase is necessary.

- Value - Chad also highlighted that our entire region benefits from our abundance of clean, low cost hydro power. The national average price for residential service is now 12.45 cents per kWh, whereas the Washington state average is 9.58 cents per kWh. Inland remains well below both of these with an average rate of 8.5 cents per kWh if we include the service availability charge and calculate the total cost for an average monthly usage of 1,000 kWh.  

Inland Power is a member owned cooperative – serving our members at cost. We work very hard to control those costs. We understand electric bills have a significant impact on our member’s budgets and pocket books. Inland is indeed special - after 80 years of service, Inland’s core mission has never changed – we are committed to providing you with safe, reliable electricity at affordable rates and with great member service.

Members Elect Trustees

One of the unique benefits of co-op membership is local control. This means you elect our board. They are Inland members and understand the issues that face us all. In March 2017, the members voted for trustees in Districts 4, 7 and At-Large Position B. David Shill (District 4), Brian Slaybaugh (District 7) and Gerald Davis (At-Large Position B) were elected to Inland Power’s board of trustees. Trustees are elected every March at Inland’s annual meeting and serve three year terms.