2020 Annual Meeting Recap

  • Annual Meeting

    Annual Meeting

    Every March Inland Power holds an annual meeting of its members. Please join us to learn more about your cooperative and to vote on your board of trustees.

  • Bylaws


    Inland Power works hard to serve all members of the cooperative and their elected trustees. That is why there are bylaws to highlight the obligations and qualifications for a successful cooperative.

  • Inland Power Board of Trustees

    Inland Power Board of Trustees

    Inland Power is managed under the direction of a board of trustees. This board determines policy and direction that allow management to carry out the day to day business and operations.

2020 Power Of Your Co Op Bleeds

Highlights from the Annual Meeting

The 2020 Annual Meeting took place Thursday, March 19, 2020. Due the COVID-19 outbreak, the event was shortened and held at the Inland Power & Light headquarters. During the event, members elected the board of trustees and received an update on cooperative's financial standing. Click here to view the meeting video. 

Election Results Announcement

Annual Meeting prize winners

Congratulations to our winners below and thanks to everyone who voted in this year's trustee election!

Mail in ballot winners:

  1. Tom & Cheryl Kammerzell - $500 VIZA gift card
  2. Darrin & Genera Smith - $500 Inland Power Credit
  3. John & Donna Phillips - $250 Inland Power Credit
  4. Holly Morgan - Keurig Mini
  5. Kathy Riggs - Kindle Fire
  6. Jayson & Twyla Milender - Kindle Fire
  7. Leroy Fowler - Yeti
  8. Stene Robison - Binoculars

Electronic ballot winners

  1. Ronald Berryman - $750 Visa Gift Card
  2. Leonard Chambers - $500 Inland Power Credit
  3. Greg Snow - Keurig Mini
  4. John Cozza - Amazon Echo Dot
  5. Micah Herd - Kindle Oasis
  6. Garth Mader - Smart Thermostat